“In My Garden” is about what local gardeners are doing to care for their indoor and outdoor plants.  Seasonal advice is valid year after year, so scroll down or select the current month from the IN MY GARDEN menu .  Contributions are welcomed – add your comments!

Pruning   Complete pruning of shrubs that bloom on new wood. Do not prune shrubs that flower on shoots developed last year (you can usually see the flower buds, e.g. Lilac).

Rain, Rain Go Away  If you have clay soil, resist the temptation to garden while the soil is saturated.  Clay soil takes a few days to dry out sufficiently after a rainfall to become workable.  If you dig in the clay when it is too wet, the result will be large clumps of clay that will become rock-like when they dry.  After a  few dry days, those same clumps of clay will break up into friable soil that very easily incorporates soil amendments such as compost.


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