“In My Garden” is about what local gardeners are doing to care for their indoor and outdoor plants.  Seasonal advice is valid year after year, so scroll down or select the current month from the IN MY GARDEN menu .  Contributions are welcomed – add your comments!

Garden Maintenance – Many perennial plants lose their charm and look untidy unless faded blooms and dying foliage are removed.  Unless seed is desired for self-sowing varieties, or for providing food for birds in winter, it is good horticultural practice to remove dead flowers and leaves as soon as they appear. If done in a timely manner,  fresh foliage and flowers may grow in the fall.  Try this with Phlox, Delphinium, Veronica and Echinacea.

Tomatoes – A great tip I learned from a retired farmer last summer is to pick tomatoes as soon as they begin to show colour and then ripen them indoors.  The fruit will still taste great.  If you are plagued by chipmunks, squirrels and other critters nibbling on your ripe fruit, this is a sure way to foil them!  It also prevents fruit from splitting after a heavy rainfall.

Zucchini – If your zucchini get overgrown, do not despair.  My family loves zucchini rounds, seasoned and grilled on the BBQ and served on a bun with cheese (zucchini burgers).   We also  split them sideways, remove the seeds and bake them stuffed with salsa, or tomato, feta and black olives.

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