3 thoughts on “BDHS PLANT SALE”

    1. Hi Amanda, We accept plant donations from our members so there are usually mostly perennial plants available. Some members grow veggies from seed and offer their surplus plants. We do not know what we will have until the day of the sale. Best regards, Brenda Heenan, Chair BDHS

    2. Hi Amanda:

      I have a large patch of lovage, which tastes like celery on steroids. I use it fresh as a celery substitute in the spring, summer and fall and then dry TONS of the leaves to use in soups and stews through the winter months. It tastes incredible and, as a bonus, it is a PERENNIAL plant that is always one of the first plants to appear in the spring.

      If you are interested in that I can pot some up for the sale. You won’t be disappointed in it!

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