“In My Garden” is about what local gardeners are doing to care for their indoor and outdoor plants.  Seasonal advice is valid year after year, so scroll down or select the current month from the IN MY GARDEN menu .  Contributions are welcomed – add your comments!

Vegetable Seeds It is a good idea to check the viability of any seeds you saved from previous years before sowing them indoors or in the garden. Take 10 seeds, set them 1 – 2 cm apart on a wet paper towel, roll the towel (seeds inside) and place in a ziplock bag. Place the bag on top of the fridge where there will be constant warmth – no light is needed. Check the seed package for typical germination time. After that time has elapsed, count how many seeds have germinated. If fewer than 50% of the seed have sprouted, maybe its time to buy fresh seed. To view a YouTube video of the Paper Towel Sowing Method, click here. To find out when to sow your seeds, download a Vegetable Seed Starting Chart, click here.

Annual Seeds Check seed viability (as above) if planning to use seeds saved from previous years. For seeds you plan to sow directly outdoors, especially plants you have never grown before, sow a few seeds using the paper towel technique explained above. This will get you familiar with how the new plants look in the early stages of growth. Then when the seed start to grow outdoors, you will not mistake them for weeds. To view an Annual Seed Starting Chart, click here.

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