“In My Garden” is about what local gardeners are doing to care for their indoor and outdoor plants.  Seasonal advice is valid year after year, so scroll down or select the current month from the IN MY GARDEN menu .  Contributions are welcomed – add your comments!

Pruning  The ground in my yard is still frozen, but daytime temperatures are starting to climb above 0°C. I pruned my Concord grapevine, which tends to bleed sap profusely if the temperature is too warm when pruned.  To view a YouTube video of Pruning Grape Vines, click here.

Pruning  I grow the Heritage variety of everbearing raspberries which bear a crop in June on old wood and also in the late summer into fall on new wood. I choose to cut the canes to the ground early each spring to allow all the plant energy go toward the later season crop. To View a YouTube video of Pruning Everbearing Raspberries, click here.

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